Slow rise of the moon in Cologne

Visible progress on the construction site for the LUNA facility © ESA/DLR

Across from the European Astronaut Centre (EAC), the shell of the LUNA hall is being built. Earthworks, foundations and the hall floor have been completed. Now the first floor of the technology centre is being built. In addition to the lobby, it will contain several functional rooms, including a maintenance space, an experiment preparation room and a laboratory area for working with gases and regolith.

While the technology centre will be built with conventional concrete walls, the actual regolith hall, which is located directly behind it, will be built as an industrial hall with steel beams and fibre composite walls. At present, only the concrete floor has been poured, but details of the future research facilities can already be seen: The deep floor area, which will later be used for drilling or excavation scenarios, is already impressive with its 3m depth and two differently inclined side walls.