New LUNA visual? Yes please!

In time for the new year when LUNA will start operations, the LUNA key visual has been finished. It shall represent the unique facility in future. Over the course of several months, graphics designer Adriane Woito of the German Space Operations Centre has worked with the LUNA project management team and a larger group of project participants to select the graphical elements, suitable colours and font for the visual.

Adriane Woito working on the new LUNA logo © ESA/DLR

A first joint collection of materials and ideas of various connotations with the Moon was completed, including aspects from mythology as well as films, Jules Verne and the Apollo landings, but also terms such as tides, the Moon calendar or somnambulant. As the next step, that collection was boiled down to a few bullets, which Adriane then transcribed into graphical elements. The highest popularity soon materialised for a simple arrangement of three crescents, representing the Earth, the Moon and Mars. The blue Earth as the origin of humankind – and the home of the LUNA analog facility. The grey Moon which we will simulate and which is in the main focus of the facility is taking the largest share. The red Mars points towards the future. The return to the Moon is only the beginning of a new age of exploration, leading us to the horizon goal of a human landing on Mars.

The new LUNA visual was revealed and presented to the project at the topping-out ceremony of the LUNA building at the end of January.