ElementS of LUNA


The Moon hall of about 700 square meters with Moon dust („regolith“) recreates the lunar surface and its environmental conditions (dust, illumination, reduced gravity, ground communication, etc.) in order to develop, test and train exploration activities, processes and relevant technologies.

The Moon technology centre provides the preparatory rooms, control areas and laboratory spaces (gas lab, dust lab, ground segment, digitalisation, extended reality, etc.) for simulation campaigns and selected aspects of technology maturation and scientific research. At the same time, it facilitates education and outreach activities.

Additional external modules and partnerships (Moon station, energy module, greenhouse, medical facilities, etc.) allow for the construction and investigation of complex Moon surface elements and their operations, including autonomous systems, system synergies and closed loops.

The integration of all systems enables a comprehensive, versatile utilisation and scientific research from the beginning and extending well beyond the initial years.