Faking the Moon landing: again?!?!

More than 50 years have passed since the last men were “pretending to walk” on the Moon and now humankind is almost ready again to step on our natural satellite, therefore we need again good cameras, lights effects, a good production studio and new digital technologies where to film the new lunar landing scene 😛

Jokes aside, in the framework of exploring new technologies for the future lunar exploration missions, part of the LUNA team is looking into eXtended Reality (XR) technologies, also including digital video production equipment. Specifically, XR will allow astronauts to be more immerse in a simulated lunar environment for training scenarios, also allowing to create more engaging and modern contents for public relations activities. LUNA will in fact host a dedicated XR laboratory with digital studio capabilities. To best outfit this room, our LUNA experts took part to a live demo at ARRI premises to test some of the technologies to be used in LUNA. The workshop was part of the consultancy contract with ARRI, worldwide leader in sector of manufacturing motion picture equipment for movie production.

Soon the World will be able to see incredible footages from the Moon, with astronauts performing activities and science: some of them will be firstly demonstrated and filmed in LUNA, so stay tuned!